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Ozark tents or rather Ozark Trail Tents work well for most amateurs just starting out camping,but for intermediate and advanced level campers a different brand of higher quality will have to be in order. Many of the Ozark tents are waterproof, with many of them using a special material known as “Dry Tek”. The tents are designed to keep away rain water,and with the added bonus of the DryTek fabric, which is usually beads off the raindrops and rolls off the tent.

Ozark tents come in all shapes and sizes, for a more detailed description of some of their models please read below.

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Camping Tent, 20' x 11' : This 3-room family Ozark tent gives you privacy and allows up to 10 people at maximum to sleep in it. Each room can fit a queen-sized air mattress and have plenty of space to spare for your belongings. With the  2 removable room dividers, it can create 3 rooms with zippered double doors. It also sports a weather armor that prevents leaks and moisture from getting in, keeping you and your family dry and comfortable. Since it's easy to set up, it will give you more time to spend with your family and friends. And it comes equipped with a zippered carrying bag to make it easy for you to carry this camping tent wherever you go.

Ozark Trail 3-4 Person Tent, 9'X7' : This backpacking Ozark tent offers optimum shelter during hiking and camping. With its lightweight design and  its two self-standing poles, it is quite easy to set this tent up. This tent is easy to carry, and it can fit three to four people in sleeping bags. However, this Ozark Trail Tent can fit two twin air mattresses in its single room. This tent also has a door and three windows that provide plenty of light and ventilation. These backpacking tents can make your trip more fun and enjoyable by taking the weight off your shoulders and creating a tension-free set up and take down experience.

Ozark Trail 10' x 8' Backpacking Tent : You can make a cozy home away from home with this sleek backpacking Ozark tent which is  perfect for your adventurous crew.

Ozark Trail 8-Person Tent, 14' x 8' : The Ozark 8-Person Tent, is a free-standing camping tent that offers adequate space to fit any large group. It can be set up in minutes with the help of the quad-pole system, the three windows provide great ventilation inside the tent, and can accommodate two queen air mattresses. A large rain fly with a ridge pole with sealed seams are included to protect you from the rain. During clear sunny  weather, you can remove the rain fly and get additional ventilation,while the durable Teflex fabric coating together with the rain fly keeps the interior dry and clean. The Power Port located in front of the Ozark Trail dome tent allows you to connect power cables without the need to unzip the door. And with the included carrying bag, which is made of recycled polypropylene fabric, you can conveniently take this Ozark Trail dome tent anywhere with you.

Ozark Trail 6-Person Tent, 12' x 8' : This 12' x 8' Ozark tent can fit up to up to 6 people and provide you with 96 square feet of dedicated sleeping space. It is very easy to set up with the two poles included, is made from Teflex water-repellent fabric, and has a large rain fly that helps keep the tent dry. The Ozark Trail 12' x 8' tent is big enough to accommodate 2 queen size mattresses and has 3 windows to facilitate ventilation. The rain fly can also be removed for added ventilation. A power port at the front gets rid of the need to unzip the tent to place the power cables inside. And with a carrying bag, made from recycled polypropylene fabric included, it easy to carry the tent around.

Ozark Trail 2-Person Jr. Dome Tent, 6' x 5' : The Ozark  6x5 Jr. Dome Tent is perfect for a child's first time camping outside. It is also a great size to use indoors or in the backyard for sleepovers. This tent can be set up in just minutes with two poles.

Ozark Trail 16' x 16' Cabin Dome Tent : You  can make a cozy home away from home with this cabin size dome tent perfect for your adventurous crew. And it can fit up to 12 people inside it.

Ozark Trail 17' x 8' Eight-Person Dome Tent : This Ozark tent can hold up to  8 people making a great home like dome tent perfect for your crew. It also comes included with a shock-corded frame system and pre-attached guy rope for stability. It has 3 windows and a mesh roof for excellent ventilation. It also has a detachable mud mat that keeps the interior part of the tent clean. And comes equipped with a zippered carry bag.

Ozark Trail 15' x 10' Cabin Dome Tent : This Ozark tent is made of 100 percent polyester with a fiberglass frame and has 7 windows with a mesh roof for great ventilation. It also has a wheeled duffle carrying  bag and it has a welded tub floor with hanging shelves.

Ozark Trail 20' x 10' Dome Tent : This Ozark tent is made of 100 percent and 68 percent denier polyester taffeta and comes with a polyethylene sheet-lined floor. It also has a front zippered door with a window and a rain fly that keeps moisture out. It has an overall Easy and quick set-up process. And it includes a carry bag with handles and an assembled dimension of  240"L x 120"W x 78"H.

Ozark Trail Sport Dome 2-Person Tent, 7' x 7' : This lightweight sports dome is perfectly designed to fit two adults, it can also be used as an extra tent for children. The tent has a front zippered door for easy entry and exit with a window that provides ample ventilation. It also comes with a rain fly that helps keep the tent dry. With the 2 poles included, this tent can be put up effortlessly in no time. It also folds easily for compact storage and the included carry bag makes it easy to carry around. You can go trekking, enjoy the wild outdoors, and forget all your camping troubles with the Ozark Trail Sport Dome Tent in your backpack.

The good thing about Ozark tents is, the manufacturer has retailed it to Wal-Mart stores around the country and anyone needing a tent is capable of buying one. North Pole USA and a conglomerate of other companies have been contracted to manufacture and supply these very lovable tents.